morrone To the west of the Majella, the Morrone massif is a long narrow mountain chain, both solid and rugged, oriented in a NW-SE direction. Its ponderous rounded form precipitates with rocky crags on one side to the Peligna Basin and on the other to the valley of the Orta river.And precisely those rocky crags are the unchallenged realm of the Apennine chamois, frequented by bears and wolves, without forgetting the presence of a rare orchid, Nigritella widderi, one of the most valuable species in the entire protected area.

Where: Parco Equituristico Majella Morrone, Sant´Eufemia a Maiella, Abruzzo
When: from May to October, arrival Friday afternoon 14.00, departure Sunday 16.00
Duration: 3 days 2 nights bivouacking outdoors ´or at best in makeshift shelters
Riding activities: test ride on the yard to assess technical abilities, followed by excursion of about three hours to get to know the environment and the horses on Friday, about 7 hours per day in the saddle from Saturday to Sunday
Tack: English trekking (for the mounts we provide)
Pace: walk (trot and gallop only following the guide’s instructions after careful assessment of the group and with no compromises made to the safety of the horses and riders)
Horses: fit, well trained Haflingers (for the mounts we provide)
Riding ability: from average expert to expert in groups of 2 to 6 riders (riders weighing 90 kg and over, please let us know in advance)
Optional activities: visits to interesting sites
Prices: from €280 including:
– mount, guide and riding insurance
– supplies of fresh food from farms in the Majella National Park
Optional services: Transfer from/to Abruzzo Airport and Pescara Railway Station