The guides

guide The riding and equitourism guides at Riding Wild Abruzzo/Parco Equituristico Majella-Morrone are all highly trained with in-depth experience of the local area. Both riding and ecotourism guides know the horses well and are able to operate in safety for themselves and above all others, always putting the well-being of the horses first. They are fully trained to promote a knowledge of nature and its protection and are therefore also active in education, prevention and the dissemination of information. The professionalism of the riding guides in nature protection make sure that the groups behave sustainably and correctly in the Majella National Park, without disrupting the balance of the ecosystems and environment. Knowledge of plants, wildlife and the specific characteristics of the local area and its history are indispensable for our guides, who not just accompany visitors, but also promote the local area and its characteristics to the full.