Our horses

cavalli-1 The success of Haflinger horses is due to many factors, above all their particularly lovable character, incredible power making them ideal for all uses and their great attachment to man. The attractive appearance of these chestnuts with blond mane has without doubt contributed to making them so well-loved the world over, not to mention the absolutely docile character which distinguishes them, when correctly bred and trained. But Haflinger horses are much more than this. Athletic, reliable and faithful companions of leisure, they have a normal stature and dimensions and are therefore perfect for riding in the countryside, the mountains in particular.
Their irresistible charm and unmistakeable appearance, their versatility and total reliability make the Haflinger ever more appreciated throughout the world as a horse for families and leisure activities. And anyone who has had the good luck to admire these golden chestnuts galloping happily across the green meadows, with their silky blond mane blowing in the wind and glossy coat glistening in the sun will have an unforgettable memory.

Haflinger Alex, born 10-04-2003, Leader
Haflinger Bairon, born 02-05-2003, Leader
Haflinger Alissa, adopted
Haflinger Macao, adopted
Mamma Haflinger Zazzà, adopted
Haflinger Matley, born 01-04-2006, all rounder
Haflinger Nemo, born 19-03-2002, Gregarious