lama bianca The itinerary takes place entirely in the Lama Bianca Nature Reserve, so named for the precipitous rocky slopes (“lama”) with the typical white hue of limestone. The trekking is particularly interesting for the nature and landscapes, with sweeping views across the Orta Valley and Morrone mountains. Here the Majella massif is at its most uniform and the peaks reach the highest altitudes.

When: all year round with reservation (in winter, the trek takes place on the snow)
Length: 4 hrs
Accomodation: not applicable
Price per person: €75 including: – mount and tasting of typical local products coming from farms affiliated to the Parco Equituristico Majella Morrone
Difficulty: groups of from 2 to 6 normal to expert riders (riders weighing 90 kg and over, please let us know in advance)
Optional services: Transfer from and to Abruzzo Airport and Pescara Railway Station