About us

riding through the brackenRiding Wild Abruzzo perfectly describes the journeys, treks and adventures on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage selected, planned, monitored and constantly improved by the Parco Equituristico Majella Morrone asd Equisportiva association, set in the most beautiful and evocative places of the Majella National Park. We offer a wide range of high-quality itineraries to responsible visitors, curious to discover nature without causing damage, interested in the natural characteristics and features and local traditions, crops, foods and wines, taking delight in the simple life and sensitive to not wasting the resources of the places they visit, but rather wanting to support the populations living there and be the leading protagonists of their horseback holiday. We also propose sustainable holidays, travel or voluntary work in support of projects to conserve, safeguard or recover nature or local farming activities, to experience side by side with others sharing the same interests. Voluntary work aimed at helping nature in every way possible, from raising awareness to education, small-scale mountain farming, breeding of native races, eco-management, the recovery of degraded areas, the care of animals in difficulty and the promotion of regulations and standards to safeguard the environment and animals. Learning how to get around with your horse, donkey or mule in close contact with wild nature, using only what nature provides. A return to the past, an activity as old as man himself, which cannot be learnt from books alone, but with practice, learning to do without the superfluous, relying above all on your own determination and ability to adapt, learning that survival is not about challenging nature, but knowing it intimately and becoming part of it. Our Wilderness Experience in the Majella National Park lets you travel back in time to experience moments of pure unadulterated adventure.